ACES – Andalusian Association of Schools for Social Economics

Platero Green School belongs to ACES, the Andalusian Association of Schools for Social Economics, founded in Andalusia in 2001 to represent and further the interests of educational businesses in the social economics sector.

The management model is based on the principals of social economics: corporativism as a business formula, promoting growth through cooperation and the global contributions of our associates.

ACES, is made-up of associative work cooperatives, workforce owned companies, parents cooperatives, self-employed individuals, parents associations, as well as educational foundations. ACES is present in all eight provinces and represents all the different members of the education community.

With 131 associated businesses in July 2017 – Infant schools, Non-formal education, Compulsory Education, Further Education and Specialized Education - , and more than 1.800 employees and over 28.000 students in their schools, their work carried out on the development of the LOE (Organic legislation on Education) and the processing of the first Education Law for Andalusia has been key in conforming the new education system.

Platero - ACES

Decalogue for Education

With our decalogue for education, our intention is to put forward the values and principles which we employ on a day-to-day basis with our students and colleagues, setting social economy schools apart from the rest of schools in the Andalusian educational system.

DICOOP Certificate

DICOOP is a training course awarding the - Declaration of cooperative pedagogy suitability in Social Economics.

A certificate that aims to enhance awareness within society of the educational model of Andalusian social economics and its schools’ management, as well as creating a resource for teachers to acquire a professional certification that will assist new employees when joining cooperatives schools. Providing them with a knowledge base on the work environments they will encounter.

This training course is backed and endorsed by the Andalusian Association of Schools for Social Economics, ACES and the Andalusian School of Social Economics.

This certificate will allow you to develop the teaching competences that provide the answers to the challenges posed by schools and XXI century society, as well as presenting social economy cooperative schools with a quality guarantee, adapting your teaching profile to that sought by our educational institutions.

UMA experiment - Movil Free -

Platero Green School, in collaboration with the University of Malaga, participates in a pioneering project at European level, in which the aim is to distinguish the different sources of information used by teenagers, as well as to know where they can go to obtain reliable sources.

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Educational Model

Platero Green School (Málaga) is a private school funded by the Ministry of Education in the regional government of Andalucía (Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Andalucía), that backs  a quality education underpinned by values training, knowledge education, innovation and new technologies.

Our educational model shows our intention to train people able to develop their social and occupational aspirations with a solid basis and a deep human sense.

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