Educational Model

Platero Green School is a Cooperative State School which depends on Junta de Andalucía that bets on a high quality education supported by educational values, educational knowledge, innovation and new technologies. We think that all these sources are important features in the development of the human being.
In our educational model the purpose consists of training people who are able to develop their social and labour skills with a strong bases and a deep human sense. In order to achieve this, our educational project is divided into four bases:

Knowledge Traning

Nowadays our society needs to incorporate people who are able to develop their work successfully with an optimal training to face any intellectual challenges.

We organize our knowledge training from the different educational departments from which we work to make the subjects closer to our students by means of a practical methodology. Our teachers work daily to destroy the myths surrounding the traditional strict assessment, looking for a continuous assessment which allows the students to be incorporated into the educational system at any time.

We understand that the educational process is a sharing work in which the teachers teach knowledge, and the families are responsible for following the students’ progress and offer additional support to those students with any difficulties. For that reason, from the infant school, the pupils have got a structured programme which makes it easier for the students to get the different skills and in the highest cycles it will improve their development.

Training in values

Students from their childhood receive positive daily routines which in the future become inner habits that finally, will be inner values through the different academic years. With this aim, each year we choose the organization in values that adapt to the different stages and we program how we are going to work them from the first school day.

We use tutoring and meeting lessons in order to get relevant information to deal with and solve any situations by getting the students involved in this process. Our purpose is training upright critic people and aware of the world around them.

The school has got some arranged initiatives in which the whole educational community takes part to favour coexistence at school. This is why we don’t waste the opportunity to celebrate, in different ways and with a current profile, the most relevant days in our school calendar.

In our school trips and activity camps we can take advantage of the values worked during the year and strengthen the relationship with the students that, beyond spending a few days away from the school and home they see these activities as a prize for their effort which makes them grow up.


Some of our most important features are the great amount of projects that are being carried out. When we program a new project it is very important to know all the available resources to guarantee its success. We try that each project that we face can show good results and we usually give the time it requires so that the ideas come true and provide our students different learning skills.

We have got an innovative spirit in mind. We believe in an educational methodology that is updated at the same time as the students. It is an ambitious methodology that bets on experiencing and goes in depth in different trendsetting school practice .

In that process we join several projects that, in spite of being so new, they have come to stay at the school and give results in the following years. At the Projects Zone you can see and get more information about some of our current projects.

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New Technologies

At school new technologies play an important role in our daily teaching habits. All subjects are supported on the net and they get profit from it and the technological resources that we can find in all our classrooms.

Nowadays our school owns ICT- rooms (Platero 2.0) that bet on the teaching quality and the use of different and current technological tools. They provide an audiovisual atmosphere that lets the students face the different school contents in a more attractive and inspiring way. They also increase the knowledge of the foreign languages as well as creativity in troubleshooting and critical thinking. Today, we find that daily life would be strange without this support.

The ICT- rooms (Platero 2.0) are a reality which helps the students training and favour our efforts in order to get an education of quality.

In addition, the school has got two Computer Labs full equipped where we can carry out from projects to the digital video editing in high definition.


Platero Green School is an optimal, modern an integrated choice in education.

The school invites all those families who are interested in getting further information to visit our facilities so that you can get closer to its educational model.

UMA experiment - Movil Free -

Platero Green School, in collaboration with the University of Malaga, participates in a pioneering project at European level, in which the aim is to distinguish the different sources of information used by teenagers, as well as to know where they can go to obtain reliable sources.

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Educational Model

Platero Green School (Málaga) is a private school funded by the Ministry of Education in the regional government of Andalucía (Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Andalucía), that backs  a quality education underpinned by values training, knowledge education, innovation and new technologies.

Our educational model shows our intention to train people able to develop their social and occupational aspirations with a solid basis and a deep human sense.

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